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Stuart Cove Conservation
Eco Diver Week - Information Sheet


Min Age: 15


Min Certification Level:

Minimum PADI Open Water Diver or have a qualifying certification from another training organization


No Minimum Group Size


Blackout dates apply


Course Duration: 6 Days - divided evenly between classroom and open water dives. Half a day you will do theory in the classroom followed by dives in the afternoon applying what you just learnt in the morning.


In total, you will make 13 dives, including a night dive where, using ultraviolet lights, you’ll explore the fascinating phenomenon of “fluorescence.”


What certifications will I earn?

You will earn four certifications:

·       Reef Check© EcoDiver

·       PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Diver

·       PADI Coral Nursery & Restoration Diver

·       PADI Invasive Lionfish Diver





Reef Check© EcoDiver – 3 Days/6 dives

Become certified to conduct your own Reef Check surveys and take an active role in conserving coral reefs. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to conduct full scale Reef Check surveys. In this program you will learn all about the globally standardized Reef Check methodology as well as how to identify key indicator fish, invertebrates and substrates selected by Reef Check for global monitoring and conservation of coral reefs! This course will allow you to join the Reef Check monitoring team and assist in underwater surveys around the world.

PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Diver – 1 Day/2 dives

There’s been a steady decline in worldwide sea turtle populations, but there are ways to fight this. Learn basic sea turtle identification, how to record sightings and conservation steps you can take - including debris removal while diving.


PADI Coral Nursery & Restoration Diver – 1 Day/2 Dives

The significant decline of Acropora Corals throughout the Caribbean is well documented, prompting the development of Acropora propagation and restoration efforts to enhance the natural recovery of this threatened keystone component of coral reefs. Stuart Cove Conservation has created its own Coral Nursery where we grow thousand of Staghorn Coral Fragments and then transplant back onto reefs. During the course you will learn coral identification, biology, reproduction, why coral nurseries are needed and how the nurseries are created and maintained. By the end you will be certified to assist in coral nursery restoration including cleaning & maintenance of coral structures and how to transplant onto a reef. 


PADI Invasive Lionfish Diver

Native to the Pacific Ocean, lionfish are progressively invading the north-western Atlantic and the Caribbean, where they have no natural predators. Learn what action is needed to control the lionfish population, interesting Lionfish Facts plus learn practical ways to safely and humanely capture these fish to protect local fish species.



Enjoy a Lionfish Graduation BBQ at the end of our Eco Diver Week!